Korean and East Asian dinery

Opening hours:

Monday/ Tuesday – Closed

Bank Holiday Mondays Р12:00- 9:00pm

Wednesday/ Thursday – 5:30- 8:50pm

Friday – 12:00pm -2:30pm & 5:30- midnight

Saturday – 12:00pm – midnight (all day)

Sunday – 12:00pm -3:00pm & 5:30- 7:50pm

Bookings for 10 and above please email: hello@lahkoh.co.uk

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Sushi in Salisbury

Getting Sushi to Salisbury was hard! We only wanted to bring Sushi to Lah Koh if we could get hold of the very best fish and ingredients. After months of hard work, we’ve managed to convince some of the top fish suppliers to create routes specially for us! Please support us by spreading the word so we can continue to bring you amazing Sushi.


Sushi Salisbury


At Lah Koh we want to immerse you in the best of South East Asian Drinking and night culture. Enjoy our food with a selection of drinks found on the streets and gastropubs (Izakaya/Pocha) of East Asia. We offer a variety of alcoholic beverages from Korea, Japan, and more. Don’t worry if you’re not after an alcoholic drink. We’ve got something for everyone including a selection of exciting non-alcoholic drinks like bubble tea!

Lah Koh Cocktails Sake, Soju, Japanese Whisky, Beer. Bubble Tea


Lah Koh celebrates the rich diversity of Korean and East Asian cuisine, from Korean Fried Chicken to BBQ platters to Sushi. We recommend a sharing style of dining where you get to try lots of different flavours.


At Lah Koh, we offer amazing coffee and bubble teas to pair with our home made cakes.

We team up with Clifton Coffee Roasters for our coffee and love using our imagination to create awesome bubble tea drinks and cocktails.


Clifton Coffee

Bambusa Lako

We are named after Bambusa Lako, a large species of bamboo originating from the island of Timor with black culms that reach up to 21 m (69 ft) in height. Our interior is bamboo themed and we also celebrate plants by hosting a monthly plant swap event.